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Britain’s Data Protection Authority fined TikTok £12.7 million (€14.5 million). Reason: The authority sees evidence that the video portal does not adequately protect children’s privacy.

TikTok is facing millions in fines in Great Britain for massive breaches of the protection of children’s data. (Photo: Gon Karambelas)

Experts estimate that TikTok helped 1.4 million British children under the age of 13 use the platform in 2020. Large amounts of data may be used and processed without parental consent. In today’s terms, a million dollar mistake.

TikTok says it has “invested heavily” in preventing children under 13 from accessing the site. However, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) strongly disagrees.

Allegation: Despite TikTok setting the minimum age to create an account at 13, millions of children were able to access the site. Risk: Massively personalized data may be used to deliver inappropriate content.

British Information Commissioner John Edwards: “There are laws designed to make sure our children are as safe in the digital world as they are in the real world.” TikTok does not comply with these laws.

British data protection sees glaring failure – with potential damage

Also: “TikTok should be familiar. TikTok should have done better.” “No steps were taken” to obtain parental consent. It is very harmful for people who are not old enough.

A spokesperson for TikTok said BBC: “Our 40,000-strong security team works around the clock to keep the site safe for our community.” It obviously didn’t help.

Where: TikTok can appeal the fine and now has 28 days to do so. If successful, the fine may be reduced. A final verdict in the case is expected in 16 weeks.

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It’s another matter that even a double-digit million fine for TikTok would have symbolic value. By 2022, the site’s Chinese parent company is said to have generated the equivalent of $80 billion in revenue.

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