July 17, 2024

Great Britain: The entire McDonald’s workforce quit at once

Great Britain: The entire McDonald’s workforce quit at once

Great Britain
Empty warehouse: The entire workforce of the McDonald’s branch suddenly quit

The reason was not the pay In Great Britain, all the employees of the McDonald’s branch quit during the shift (icon image)

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The entire workforce at McDonald’s in the UK quit in the middle of the shift. A video of an abandoned restaurant is circulating online with stunned customers waiting in front of it. But this was clearly not an isolated incident.

After a dispute with management and staff at the British McDonald’s branch, customers first had to wait longer to get their burgers: in a TikTok video that had been circulating online for a few days, an empty store could be seen because all the staff had quit at the same time. She worked as a video creator in a fast food restaurant herself.

Customers are waiting in front of the door

The video now has more than 2.3 million views and nearly 20,000 comments. As the camera moves through the empty store and the machines beep, you can see customers standing in front of closed doors. The screen also shows that there are currently no orders in progress.

Then a note is displayed on the glass door: “Everyone quit – we are closed”, in German: “Everyone quit – we are closed.” “This happened today and it was so funny,” TikTokerin wrote of her video, followed by several emojis.

The store was run by teenagers

And the reason, as the young woman later mentioned in the comments, is not salary, but poor management. “The branch was run by teenagers and it was a terrible place to work. The supervisors didn’t help us when they needed to,” says the author. Curious thing: According to other users, this was not an isolated case.

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While most users congratulate the team for their mutual bravery, one wrote: “This also happened at a restaurant near me. Everyone was thrown or kicked out.” Another says, “Most fast food restaurants are run by teens, and I know because I worked at one of them when I was a teen. They don’t care about their employees.”

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