Great Britain – Supreme Court rejects the third gender

The UK’s Supreme Court has rejected an application for gender-neutral passports. London’s High Court ruled on Wednesday that it was biographical information necessary for identification, for example, in birth, adoption or recognition certificates.

So the legally recognized gender recorded in these documents is crucial.”

The request was also denied in order to ensure a unified approach from government agencies. The court stressed that “there is no legislation in the United Kingdom that recognizes a non-gender group of people”.

The plaintiff, Kristi Ilan-Kahn, requested that passports of people like her of no gender include an “X” in place. The requirement to identify oneself as male or female violates human rights.

“The British Government and the Judicial System are on the wrong side of history,” Ilan Kanye wrote on Twitter. The case will now be taken to the European Court of Human Rights.

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