July 16, 2024

Great Britain – Sunak is considered a traitor or savior

Great Britain – Sunak is considered a traitor or savior

If Conservative MPs had been in the House of Commons, failed Prime Minister Liz Truss would not have been sworn in as party and government leader. At that time, the members of Parliament were in favor of Rishi Sunak. But Tory members chose Truss.

After the 47-year-old’s epic defeat, Sunak could once again aim for the top spot. Served as Finance Minister from 2020 to July. The Brexit supporter of the first hour took office just days before the coronavirus pandemic changed the world. Sunak eased citizens’ concerns but added £400 billion to the national debt. The finance minister wanted to allay fears of an economic slowdown by any means possible. This made him suspicious among conservatives, who support the least possible state intervention. To make matters worse, Sunak increased the tax burden to its highest level in decades.

Site visit with Prada shoes

Finally, Mr Chung alienated sections of the disproportionately mature, English, white and male Tory base when he publicly broke with Boris Johnson and announced his resignation. At the same time, Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned, starting the wave that led to Johnson becoming prime minister. Since then, Sunak has been considered a traitor by many.

Sunak’s criticism of Liz Truss’s tax cut plans is correct in substance, nothing. The 42-year-old delivered them in a dejected tone, suggesting it was a posh knowledge. Sunak’s traditional weakness: In the anti-Truss election campaign, a video emerged from Sunak’s student days in which the 21-year-old described his circle of friends as “aristocratic, upper-class and, well, from the working class” — then adding: “No, from the working class. Not”.

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She also showed little instinct as she wore shoes from the luxury brand Prada while visiting the construction site. The former banker, who went to the British House of Commons for the first time in 2015, made his fortune in the financial world at Goldman Sachs and hedge fund TCI.

Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy is also no stranger to wealth. She is the daughter of Indian software billionaire Narayana Murthy. Infosys has been paying taxes only on its profits as a shareholder in Great Britain since this year.

So Sunak provides enough attack surface. But he also has advocates: Dominic Raab, deputy prime minister under Johnson, attests to Sunak’s credibility and plan to restore fiscal stability. And he can unite conservatives. This seems to be one of the most difficult tasks at present. (ru/there)