June 14, 2024

Great Britain subsidizes electric trucks by 200 million

Great Britain subsidizes electric trucks by 200 million

The UK government has announced it will provide over £ 200m in state-funded funding for a major zero-emission heavy-duty road halal demonstration and related charging infrastructure.

Automakers, energy providers and naval and infrastructure operators are being invited to present their technology on British roads as part of open competition. Demonstration of battery electric and fuel cell trucks is about to begin.

The announcement said the new plan expands the Department of Transportation’s zero-emission cargo transport (TFT) tests carried out last year by Innovate UK.

As part of these tests, commercial vehicle manufacturer Leyland Trucks used 20 DAF battery electric trucks by public sector companies to enhance the lessons learned from testing battery electric trucks and vehicles in the real logistics environment. Time.

The UK government has said the plan, with six feasibility studies, is being prepared for large-scale protests in the coming years. The three-year plan aims to introduce hundreds of zero-emission trucks across the country.

A year ago, the British government proposed a plan to decorbonise the transport sector. It aims to phase out all road vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2040.

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