June 19, 2024

Great Britain: Recycle in English: Telephone booths are transforming into a library and espresso bar

Great Britain: Recycle in English: Telephone booths are transforming into a library and espresso bar

Discarded phone boxes can be certified in the UK. Often their second lives are strange: they operate as a library, rescue station, and espresso bar.

There are people who, once exempt from their duty at work, do the craziest things, for example hike barefoot in Kilimanjaro, to name an example of coincidence. But the same applies to things as well. Often what is useful for them, and what is possible with them, are discovered only when they finally do not have to do anything anymore, but are allowed to do everything, that is: there are no longer any practical limitations. Which brings us to the topic: phone booths. It was originally created with just one purpose: making calls. But it is not needed anymore as most people carry their phones with them all the time. Thus the number of telephone booths is decreasing all over the world.

The UK phone booth has been converted into an ambulance

at Great Britain But the legendary red phone booth is witnessing something like a second spring. Finally, free to be everything: a bookcase, an espresso bar, an ice cream parlor, a small museum, an information center, or even a rescue station with a built-in defibrillator. For just one pound, municipalities and associations can “adopt” a place of worship. Then of course you have to properly take care of it. According to British Telecom, 6,600 cells have been reallocated so far. On Monday, she announced that she would release 4,000 more into a new crazy life.

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The red phone booth was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. He had designed the classic domed ceiling over the mausoleum of fellow architect Sir John Soane. Now there is almost unbridled activity under some domes, even a bar has already been set up. The bitter irony: Some homes also function as smartphone charging stations. Because you almost no longer expect it, perhaps the most beautiful surprise is this: Time and again you come across phone booths where you can take calls.

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