October 5, 2023

Great Britain prepares to record heat

Great Britain prepares to record heat

A woman walks her dog as the sun rises behind the London skyline. Photo: EPA/Neil Hall

London: Record temperatures are expected in the UK on Monday and Tuesday. According to the Met Office, temperatures in parts of England could rise to 41 degrees. An exceptionally high temperature is expected on Tuesday in particular, before temperatures drop again on Wednesday.

And Penelope Endersby, head of the Met Office, warned people not to underestimate the heat. “These temperatures are unprecedented in the UK and we are not used to dealing with them,” she said. Heat protection instructions must be followed at all costs.

Previous temperatures in Great Britain were 38.7 degrees and were measured in Cambridge in 2019. The Met Office issued a red alert for hot weather for the first time last weekend.

Rail operator Network Rail has called on people to travel only when absolutely necessary. A major rail route along the English East Coast between London, York and Leeds has been announced to be closed due to the expected heat on Tuesday. Train speed limits have also been enforced across much of the UK. It is feared that high temperatures could damage the track systems if the steel expanded. Many cancellations and delays were to be expected.

Cabinet Secretary Kate Malthouse has urged people to work from home if possible. Older adults and children in particular should make sure they drink enough alcohol and don’t expose themselves too much to the sun.

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