November 28, 2023

Great Britain prepares: The Queen visits a new military ship

Great Britain prepares: The Queen visits a new military ship

Great Britain is armed
The Queen visits a new military ship

In order to keep the growing influence of China under control, Great Britain is currently developing its army significantly. The Queen even inspected the new billion-dollar aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in person shortly before departure.

Important visitors before the big trip: British Queen Elizabeth II inspected a new aircraft carrier named after her. Shortly before the warship’s maiden voyage to East Asia, Captain Angus Eisenhai and Commodore Stephen Morehouse welcomed her on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth. The ship was due to sail on Saturday and visit 40 countries on its 28-week voyage, including India, Japan and South Korea.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had already grounded the aircraft carrier on Friday. He emphasized that the ship’s voyage was in no way aimed at confronting China. Rather, it is about the application of the international law of the sea. Britain spent 3 billion pounds to build the ship. Several combat aircraft were on board during the flight, and the guard unit consists of warships, a submarine and 14 helicopters.

The United Nations veto force recently announced a move towards the Far East in its new foreign and defense strategy. The move is seen as a response to China’s growing influence in the region. Great Britain is currently modernizing its army on a large scale.

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