February 28, 2024

Great Britain MotoGP schedule - live on Saturday and Sunday

Great Britain MotoGP schedule – live on Saturday and Sunday

While the pandemic prevented it from happening last year, MotoGP is now returning to the “home of British motorsport”. And Silverstone’s latest results, as well as a look at the list of winning drivers in 2021, suggest a completely open scene. ServusTV expert Stefan Bradel: “All the teams have moved together so closely that every race ensures a high tension.” ServusTV will broadcast the Great Britain Grand Prix live on Saturday and Sunday.

The numbers show a huge breadth

Seven pilots have climbed the highest podium this season so far. The fact that the second, third and fourth place winners of the World Cup are not among them is indicative of the tremendous balance of MotoGP. It comes as no surprise to ServusTV expert Stefan Bradel: “In the end, it always comes down to the same things: the smallest details matter, you must be fully prepared and you must not allow yourself to make any mistakes from the first training session.”

Consistency remains the key to success

However, at the top, Fabio Quartaro constantly expands his lead in the general standings, and at the same time, separates the French from his first rivals by 47 points. “It’s very powerful, delivers consistent results and hasn’t had any failures so far,” explains Bradl. “He also knows that he doesn’t have to win every race.”

Rain Quartararo’s only weakness

The ServusTV expert describes the 22-year-old as a clear favorite on the title. “My feeling tells me he won’t get nervous until the end of the season.” Bradl made it slip again at the upcoming British Grand Prix. “Yamaha has always been competitive at Silverstone.” Only the weather is a constant question mark in England. “If Quartararo still has one weak point, it is rain.”

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Avoid failure as much as possible

There is a lot going on behind the World Cup leader. There are only two points between Pico Bagnaia, Joan Mir and Johann Zarco – also because the latter scored a zero in Austria. “This is the worst that can happen to you,” Bradel says. “Going into the points is the only thing that matters. It doesn’t matter how. You can see that with Jorge Martin, who was twice on the podium at Spielberg, but before that he had to fight because of his injury and thus he was beaten in the World Cup.”

Six winners in six races

The last six BritishGP events have produced six different winners in four different models. Particularly due to the unstable weather, it is always difficult to assess the outcome at Silverstone. So the 2018 race fell into the water. It rarely stays dry all weekend. In terms of motorcycle concept, Suzuki and Yamaha have the best chances. Ducati is also expected.”

Premium class is unpredictable

KTM, although motivated by Brad Bender’s win over Spielberg, is unlikely to be as contended for victory as Honda in central England. “As an expert, I don’t dare to predict anymore because every weekend is different. All of a sudden, motorcycles are winning on roads they never had before.”

Valentino Rossi in an exclusive interview

All About Action Racing is the second part of the big interview with Valentino Rossi. Moreover, the crazy rain race in Austria started again with all the sounds, emotions and meticulous analysis. And in Moto3, ServusTV subjects Spielberg winner Sergio Garcia to a precise profile. Reporting by Yves Scheer and Justel Oinger directly from the pit lane at Silverstone, commentary by Christian Bruger and Alex Hoffmann from the multi-functional studio in Salzburg.

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British Monster Energy Grand Prix on August 28 and 29, live on ServusTV:

Saturday (August 28):

1:25 pm: Live broadcast begins

13:35 Uhr: Moto3 LIVE Qualifiers

2.30pm: 4th Free Motorcycle Training

3:10 pm: MotoGP LIVE Qualifiers

4:10 pm: Moto2 LIVE Qualifiers

4:50 pm: Qualified analysis

Sunday (29 August):

11:40 a.m.: Live broadcast begins

12:20 PM: Moto3 LIVE Race

2pm: MotoGP LIVE Race

3:30 PM: Moto2 LIVE Race

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