November 28, 2023

Great Britain: More ministers apply after Johnson

Great Britain: More ministers apply after Johnson

Who succeeds Boris Johnson – first as Tory leader and then as Prime Minister? The first applicants have already established themselves.

Many British ministers and former ministers are in the running for the prime ministership Boris Johnson included. Finance Minister Nadim Zahavi and Transport Minister Grant Shabbs announced their candidacies on Saturday evening, as did former health ministers Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt.

Zahavi said he wanted to lead the country to a state of peace and stabilize the economy. Shoppes told the Sunday Times he wanted to set an emergency budget but ruled out an immediate general election. According to the Conservative Telegraph, Javid and Hunt both want to cut corporate taxes. As the “Mail on Sunday” reports, Secretary of State Liz Truss will also apply.

The finance minister also throws his hat into the ring

Due to this, the election campaign has heated up. Several prominent conservative politicians, including former finance minister Rishi Sunak, had earlier filed their demands. On the other hand, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who is leading the polls among party members, has decided not to apply. Overall, nominations are expected from a dozen interested parties.

As the “Telegraph” newspaper reported, the election process should begin on Wednesday. In each round, the candidates with the lowest number of votes are eliminated. Ultimately, party members decide on a runoff between the two remaining candidates. The paper said that the result should be known on September 5.

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Prime Minister Johnson announced his resignation as party leader on Thursday after unprecedented pressure from his party. However, he wants to remain as Prime Minister until a successor is chosen. Downing Street has made it clear that Johnson will not run for the presidency again. However, this too is prohibited by the rules of the Conservative Party.