July 16, 2024

Great Britain is running a “pitting operation” for Kabul

Great Britain is running a “pitting operation” for Kabul

(Photo: BS/Portugal)

A British Ministry of Defense spokesperson told Spiegel today that the UK government’s top priority is to “do everything we can to fulfill our obligations to British nationals and those of us. Help Afghanistan fulfill and get them out of the country as soon as we can.”

Therefore, Martin Tenworth, squadron squadron and Royal Air Force (RAF) spokesperson at the Ministry of Defense, told Spiegel authorities: “The RAF is working tirelessly in the Middle East and Afghanistan to evacuate authorized persons and their families. (…) All are used RAF Air Transport aircraft in “Operation Pitting”: A400M “Atlas”, C-130J “Hercules” and C-17 “Globemaster” to and from Kabul as well as A330 “Voyager” (photo) to Great Britain.”

The British Air Force operates about eight daily flights to and from Kabul and two flights from hubs in the Middle East to the United Kingdom. To this end, hundreds of RAF personnel are serving in the UK, Afghanistan and at the centres. In this context, the RAF spokesman indicated that the hubs’ locations in the Middle East were not mentioned out of consideration of “the sensitivities of the host countries”. However, a few days ago, the press reported that the British Air Force had flown 76 Australians from Kabul to the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense reported today that between August 13 and yesterday evening, 5,725 people from 38 countries – including more than 3,100 Afghans – were flown out of Afghanistan as part of “Operation Tapping”. Brigadier General Daniel Blanchford of the Royal Marines leads more than 1,000 British troops working with the Allies to secure Kabul International Airport.

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General Blanchford said: “We are re-evaluating our efforts to speed up the process and support the most vulnerable. That is why we transported 30,000 liters of water per day and food for 5,000 people to Kabul. We also bought 2,700 diapers, 3,600 bottles of baby formula and 2,025 sanitary packs, which we are now distributing. “.

Spiegel authorities report on the evacuation mission: