Great Britain hopes to restore Ukrainian territories

LONDON (German News Agency) – British Foreign Minister James Wisely believes that Ukraine can recover all Russian-occupied territories. “I don’t think we should lower our expectations about Ukraine’s ability to defend itself,” Wise told Welt.

“Ukraine is defending itself against Russian aggression, and we will continue to support Ukrainians until they succeed in reclaiming their country.” Recently in Washington, Blinken responded intelligently to the internationally acclaimed statements, according to which there are areas in Ukraine. “Decided to fight in the field” and “those who have decided to try to recover by other means”. This was interpreted as doubt in the US government that Ukraine could actually capture all of Ukraine, including Crimea. He wisely pointed out that the Ukrainian armed forces had so far exceeded the expectations of the Russians in particular: “The Ukrainians will be interested in their defense. I always knew that. What we saw was a level of professionalism that certainly surprised the Russian armed forces. ” According to the minister, it is not yet clear whether Great Britain will also provide modern fighter jets to Ukraine. “I’m not going to prejudge what decisions to make in the future.” He made it clear that London would not act alone. His government is here “in close cooperation with our international allies”. But he added: “It is our duty to ensure that Ukraine can defend itself. That is what we are focused on.” Wisely, they will ask what Ukraine needs in terms of equipment and training.

Photo: Flag of Great Britain, via TDS News Agency

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Photo/Credit: TDS

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