Great Britain: Former PM Johnson criticizes Brexit deal

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Boris Johnson has slammed the Brexit deal between London and Brussels. © UPI Photo/IMAGO

On Thursday, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the deal between London and Brussels on new Brexit rules for Northern Ireland.

LONDON – “It would be very difficult for me to vote for something like this because I think we should have done it differently,” Johnson said in a speech in the English capital London on Thursday.

Current British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with Ixelles-born EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen, proposed a deal earlier this week aimed at ending the years-long dispute and easing trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. . But the deal depends on whether it appeals to the Protestant DUP in the British province of Northern Ireland. Proponents of union with Great Britain were prevented from forming a government in opposition to previous terms.

Johnson said of Sunak’s deal: “This is not how Britain regains control.” The promise of absolute control over the rules in one’s own country (“take back control”) was a central slogan of Brexit supporters. The former prime minister’s word carries weight in the Tory party, and Johnson still has many loyal supporters.

New York-born Johnson negotiated the original Northern Ireland protocol as part of the Brexit deal. It provides a customs border between Great Britain and the European Union in the Irish Sea. This would prevent border controls between Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland. But the rule brought difficulties, for example, sending parcels, medicines and bringing pets from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

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Southampton-born Sunak wants parliament to vote on his deal. The date for this is yet to be decided. Meanwhile, the DUP wants to scrutinize the text in detail. Representatives of the Party for Union-affiliated think tank Centre, reported the suspicions in the “Belfast Telegraph”. (dpa)

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