June 23, 2024

Great Britain: Don Bewley surprises Toy Wofton / Speedway

In the British Speedway final, Tai Wofton was on his way to the title, but eventually had to concede defeat to Daniel Bewley. Tom Brennan won the wild card for the Grand Prix in Cardiff.

At this year’s British Championship final in Manchester, the cast provided fans in the stadium and on TV with an exciting evening at the speedway. As expected, the first round started with wins for Robert Lambert, Dai Woffinton, Daniel Bewley and Tom Brennan, but the favorites dropped out in the second round and there were four new race winners. Lambert came away empty-handed, with Wofton, Bewley and Brennan still able to score.

There were always surprises as the race progressed and after completing 20 heats, Brennan and Bewley topped the standings with 13 and 12 points and were directly in the final. The big surprise was Robert Lambert, who missed even the last chance heat with nine points and had to back up.

In the last chance run, Blue’s Steve Worrall made a strong start and led, while Woffinton had to work his way up to third. On the second lap, Woffinden advanced from third to first with a strong maneuver. Not only did Worrall lose the lead, but he was intercepted by Chris Harris, who had followed Woffinton into the final.

In addition to the title, the final race for Harris and Brennan is all about the wild card for the British Grand Prix at Cardiff on August 17, as Woffinden and Bewley remain permanent GP drivers. Woffint made a strong start on the outside and led the field in front of Bewley, but he was able to join Woffint at the start of the third lap to take the lead and the title away from him. Bewley became British Champion for the third time in a row after 2022 and 2023 and moved up to fifth on the all-time greats list in Great Britain.

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Results British Championship Manchester/GB:

1. Daniel Bewley, 12 early points
2. Toy Woffenden, 10
3. Tom Brennan, 13
4. Chris Harris, 10
5. Steve Worrall, 11
6. Adam Ellis, 9
7. Robert Lambert, 9
8. Charles Wright, 8
9. Anders Rowe, 7
10. Kyle Howarth, 6
11. Craig Cook, 6
12. Connor Hill, 6
13. Jordan Jenkins, 5
14. Louise Kerr, 4
15. Drew Kemp, 4
16. Simon Lambert, 0

Last Chance Heat: 1. Toy Wofton, 2. Chris Harris, 3. Steve Worrall, 4. Adam Ellis

Final: 1. Daniel Bewley, 2. Toy Wofton, 3. Tom Brennan, 4. Chris Harris