March 3, 2024

Great Britain: A design student creates a logo to celebrate the Queen's throne

Great Britain: A design student creates a logo to celebrate the Queen’s throne

The motto for celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is set next year. In a competition for young designers, student Edward Roberts’ design was selected as well as the Palace communication.

It shows a flowery white crown in which the number 70 is wrinkled – all on a round background reminiscent of a royal seal and set in royal purple. Edwards said he designed the crown in a single line “to represent the continuing rule of the Queen.” The 19-year-old is studying Graphic Design and Communication at the University of Leeds.

The palace had announced a competition for children between the ages of 13 and 25 to create a slogan that would do justice to and delight the “smartphone generation”. The choice was ultimately made by many art connoisseurs from Great Britain and a representative from the palace.

“This clean graphic design takes us on a simple, linear journey to create the Crown and Number 70 and beautifully captures the continuing thread of Her Majesty the Queen’s 70-year reign,” said jury member Paul Thompson of the Royal College of Art, London.

Winner Edward Roberts can now participate in the festivities as next year’s guest. The United Kingdom is planning a four-day festival of the monarchy from 2-5 June 2022, especially for the so-called Platinum Anniversary. On this occasion, there is also an extra day off for all Britons. A large military parade, church service, a concert with world stars and a horse race are planned – the Queen is a fan of horses.

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