Granit Xhaka: Newcastle star Callum Wilson criticizes Arsenal

Accusation time game

The Newcastle star shoots against captain Granit Xhaka

Newcastle striker Callum Wilson (31) criticized the behavior of Granit Xhaka (30) and his team-mates after the 2-0 defeat by Arsenal. The national leader should not care.


Newcastle striker Callum Wilson upset Granit Xhaka after the 2-0 defeat by Arsenal.

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  • Newcastle striker Callum Wilson finds Granit Xhaka on goal after losing 2-0 to Arsenal.

  • The England international raises match-time allegations against captain Natti and his team-mates.

  • Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta defends his players.

In the First Division, Arsenal celebrated an important 2-0 victory over Newcastle last Sunday, keeping the dreams of the last remaining championship alive. Newcastle, who are currently third in the table, still have good chances of participating in the Champions League despite their bankruptcy, but striker Callum Wilson is still upset about the behavior of some Arsenal players in his podcast “The Footballer’s Football Podcast” – up It’s all Granite Xhaka. .

“He sat with an injured hip and smiled like nothing was wrong,” Wilson said. “Obviously he was just wasting time. I think every one of their players went down at some point, needed treatment and got back up after a few minutes.”

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“Don’t let me talk like that.”

The England international assumes the time game is an obvious tactical measure for Arsenal. “When you try to keep up the pace as a home team, it’s frustrating. Then you try to put him (Xhaka) down and he starts talking,” reports fellow national defender Fabian Scheer.

“You know how it is. You come from the street,” Wilson told fellow podcaster and West Ham pro Michail Antonio. “You don’t allow people to talk to you like that. Off the field, people don’t talk to me that way, so I wouldn’t let that happen on the field either.”

Arteta defends Xhaka

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta does not want to know anything about the allegations of playing time: “Our team is definitely not like that.” His team did just what was necessary to secure the win. Xhaka himself shouldn’t care too much about Wilson’s criticism, as the national team captain plays what may be his best season in a Gunners gown.

Arsenal could increase their points tally to 84 with a win over Brighton on Sunday. The last time the Londoners scored more points was in the 2003/04 season, when the “Invincibles” were unbeaten champions under coaching legend Arsène Wenger.

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