GP England 2022 Power Ranking: Red Bull at the top

British Grand Prix 2022

At Silverstone, luck was kind to Ferrari and punished Red Bull, and in a race without accidents, Red Bull would likely have won. At the Ferrari circuit. This is exactly what Ferrari should be worried about.

So far, what could have gone wrong is mostly Ferrari. Engine damage, strategy errors, excessive tire wear. At Silverstone, the racing god was a Ferrari fan. Carlos Sainz won despite being the fifth fastest player on the track. Charles Leclerc finished fourth despite damage to the front wing and faulty tactics. It could have been worse.

This time everything went wrong at Red Bull. A piece of wreckage robbed Max Verstappen 60 points of downforce from lap 13. And Sergio Perez was already in the pits on lap five due to front wing damage. Then, in 33 laps, the Mexican managed to catch the final winner with a difference of 12.3 seconds. An indication that Red Bull owned the fastest car in Silverstone.

It took Red Bull daily to balance their cars and their new flight package. Since then, Ferrari has been under pressure. Red Bull regained its time on the strait. There is not much at Silverstone. Ferrari should be worried. Silverstone is actually their terrain. By all expectations, Leclerc would have had trouble against Verstappen if both were in intact cars.

Carlos Sainz won his first Formula 1 race at Silverstone even though Ferrari was slower than Red Bull.

The Alps Challenge McLaren

Red Bull and Ferrari may soon face a new opponent. Mercedes has narrowed the gap to the top. Although Silverstone is the perfect pitch for the Silver Arrow, the fast corners showed that Mercedes is getting better and better at dealing with the rebound problem. Only Red Bull shook less. The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​now the main race for Mercedes. If the following upgrades work out there, you’ll want to regularly compete for wins after summer break.

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In the fight for fourth place, it feels like a duel between Alpine and McLaren at the moment. The Alps continue to be significantly modernized. McLaren kept on its feet. Any other upgrade could result in the team conflicting with the cost cap. One wants to wait and see if and how much there is an additional cost to inflation. Things went better for McLaren at Silverstone. But a month ago you would have landed before the Alps on this road. Now there was a tie. The bad news for McLaren: The Alpine A522 can now do all track layouts.

Alfa Sauber offers quite a few retirements if you want to attack Alpine and McLaren. Clear rounds hurt. It was fortunate that Alpine and McLaren only scored points with one car each. In addition, there may be a danger close to the rear. Aston Martin and Williams still need some time to understand their upgrades. And Haas still has a major expansion stage for the Hungarian Grand Prix up his sleeve.

British GP 2022 power rating

Below is a brief overview of the power standings to race at Silverstone. As always, you can find the detailed model check of all 10 teams in the slideshow.

  1. Red Bull (1)
  2. Ferrari (2)
  3. Mercedes (3)
  4. Alpine (4)
  5. McLaren (7)
  6. Alpha Clean (5)
  7. Haas (8)
  8. Aston Martin (6)
  9. Alfa Toury (9)
  10. William (10)

* GP position in brackets after Canada

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