Government Rise in Great Britain – US President Biden announces closer partnership with Great Britain

US President Joe Biden is striving for “closer cooperation” with the British government in the future. (Photo Coalition/Chris Klebonis/CNP/Pool via M

The United Kingdom and the United States are close friends and allies. Biden said at the White House that the special relationship is strong and enduring. Support for Ukraine in defense against Russia is currently an important part of cooperation with Great Britain. Washington and London took a strong and coordinated approach.

Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Tories yesterday. Johnson wants to stay in office until a successor is chosen as prime minister. Meanwhile, there are early expressions of interest in the succession: Tory MP and chairman of the foreign affairs committee in the British House of Commons, Tugendhat announced in the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper that he is running to succeed Johnson.

This news was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on July 8, 2022.

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