April 25, 2024

Government crisis in Britain: Home Secretary Braverman resigns

Government crisis in Britain: Home Secretary Braverman resigns

Status: 10/19/2022 6:53 pm

Home Secretary Braverman resigns, British Cabinet loses next female minister One of the reasons he cited was doubt about the government’s course. He will be succeeded by the former Transport Minister.

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has resigned. He cited a mistake: He had sent an official government document through a personal email account. “I made a mistake, I accept responsibility and I resign,” he wrote to Prime Minister Liz Truss. A letter to a parliamentary colleague is already mostly common knowledge, but it’s still wrong.

Doubts about government studies

She has serious doubts about the direction of the Truss administration, Braverman wrote. Election promises were broken. In particular, the right-wing hardliner criticized immigration policy: “He was very concerned about this government’s commitment to our election programme, limiting the total number of migrants and stopping illegal immigration, particularly dangerous boat crossings”.

Braverman has repeatedly made a name for himself with statements about his plans to crack down on deportations. He recently railed against the “tofu-eating” left in Parliament.

The successor is considered moderate and experienced

Braverman’s successor has already been chosen: transport minister Grant Shabbs has been appointed by Truss as the new home secretary in Boris Johnson’s cabinet. The 54-year-old is considered an experienced minister and part of the moderate wing of the Tories. Hence, his appointment is seen as an attempt by Truss to rally large sections of the party behind him again.

The Prime Minister rejected his own resignation

Just on Friday, the prime minister, under fire from within his own ranks, fired his finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng. But Truss again rejected his own resignation: “I’m a fighter, not a shirker,” he replied in parliament, when opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer asked why he was still there. “I’m sorry and I’ve made it clear that I was wrong,” Truss said.

There are many problems with tax plans

It’s the first Question Time with the Prime Minister in the British House of Commons, following her U-turn on tax plans last week and earlier this week. Truss has only been in office since early September. However, she is already under a lot of pressure. Lacking counter-financing, your tax cut package caused turmoil in financial markets and deep discontent within the ruling party ranks.

As a result, Truss initially backed his trusted finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, to withdraw a planned tax cut for high earners. She released him on Friday. New Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt almost completely scrapped the planned funding package on Monday.