Government Bullying Scandal – Rishi Sunak under pressure

Indeed, Sunak was supposed to bring peace to the British government. But now a case of intimidation has rocked the cabinet itself.

The new Conservative British government’s hopes for calmer waters appear to be crumbling two weeks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took office. A government spokesman was forced to promise on Monday that the prime minister has full confidence in the cabinet member amid allegations of bullying against Conservative minister Gavin Williamson.

Earlier, text messages from him to Conservative parliamentary caucus leader Wendy Morton were leaked to the public, containing sometimes crude language that put pressure on a party colleague. He reportedly tried to get an invitation to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September.

Chunak message is unacceptable

According to a report by the Sunday Times, Williamson regretted the news. Sunak welcomed this but also described the news as “unacceptable”. Williamson sits at the Cabinet table as a Minister of State without a specific portfolio.

Williamson’s dismissal will raise fresh doubts about the stability of a Conservative government. Sunak has only been in office since late October. Predecessor Liz Truss had to resign under pressure from her own party over her failed tax policy. Read more about it here. Truss himself replaced Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in early September.

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