May 18, 2024

Google will remember Wear OS long enough to add a new keyboard

Google will remember Wear OS long enough to add a new keyboard

In a situation that appears to be becoming increasingly rare, Google announced it It updates Wear OS With a new feature today – but don’t get too excited, it’s just a keyboard. In this case, Google takes care of the navigation Gboard-Scrollable predictive text keyboard that you provide for Android, iOS, and Android TV devices, How did you discover it 9to5Google.

Like the larger version of the phone, Gboard for Wear OS supports multiple keyboard input methods that are slightly more finger-friendly than the older version the OS uses. You can write by clicking, scrolling, or speaking. The keyboard also has easier access to the emojis and “advanced suggestions” at the top of the keyboard.

In addition to the new keyboard, Google says it also offers multilingual support for all languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable in Wear OS. For switching between languages, Gboard for Wear OS has a language shortcut at the bottom of the keyboard that displays a list of options.

The update is minor, but Google is at least paying attention to one operating system that has mostly received minor updates for a while. I opened Google Tiles On the OS too Third-party developers earlier this yearAnd before that I came back Improve CPU performance In August 2020. Wed. Google I / O 2021 Corporate Developer Conference – On the horizon, there’s a chance Google will make further improvements to Wear OS. Until then, however, you can at least swipe to tap the wrist.

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