February 28, 2024

Google updates business information automatically |  OnlineMarketing.de

Google updates business information automatically | OnlineMarketing.de

With the help of artificial intelligence and images from Google Maps, Google now automatically updates business information such as opening times.

If you’re searching Google for information about a business locally, you’ll always want to find the latest business information. Because if business hours, addresses, and the like are no longer correct, it can lead to profit losses in the long run and reduced traffic. That’s why Google uses data from Google Maps to tailor information for businesses – automatically and based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Algorithms and artificial intelligence help Google modernize the working hours of 20 million companies

On the google blog keyword Product Managers Liam Pauling and Kristi Pohl, who are responsible for Google Maps, explain how a machine learning model ensures that incorrect working times are corrected by Google itself. For example, if Liam’s Lemonade (the dummy) store does not appear to have received updated business information for more than a year, it could be detrimental to the business. For example, when wrong opening hours are displayed online and therefore no customers without prior reservation. If, according to Google’s analysis, the period with the most visitors is usually Thursday afternoon – even though Google Maps says the store is closed at this time – Liam’s business hours are likely out of date.

Liam’s Lemonade information does not match the actual data, © Google

However, in such a situation, Google’s algorithms can help. To find out what the actual store hours are likely to be, Google analyzes data such as store opening hours from similar stores nearby, information from the website (in this case, Liam’s Lemonade), and Street View photos of the store. These estimated working hours are confirmed by community members, such as local guides or business owners.

In Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and the United States, Google also uses Double-sided technology To automatically call companies like Liam’s Lemonade and ask directly about their opening hours. With this new approach to AI first, Google aims to update the working hours of more than 20 million companies around the world over the next six months. This way, more stores can benefit from more traffic and sales, while Google Maps users can find better and more up-to-date information to visit the store.

AI, related images, and duplex technology support the search engine company in making Google Maps an increasingly meaningful and up-to-date choice for shoppers, travelers, road users, and the like. You can find more information and context about machine learning and the AI ​​mechanisms behind Google Maps at Google Maps Blog Series 101.

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