June 24, 2024

Google reported a second Chrome vulnerability in a few days

With an emergency update, Google closes several security holes in the Chrome web browser. One of the vulnerabilities is already being exploited by cyber criminals. Google released the latest emergency update last Friday.

Users of the Google Chrome web browser should update it as soon as possible. Because the latest update, published by Google on April 19, 2023, patches a total of eight security holes, as Google’s “Security Bulletin” shows. One of these vulnerabilities – it has CVE number 2023-2136 – is already being exploited by cybercriminals to launch attacks.

how “hot” This vulnerability, called a zero-day vulnerability, is in the 2D graphics library “Skia”. The bug could allow attackers to break out of the protection environment with malicious websites. Google has not provided any further details at this time.

high “computer beep” This is a zero-day vulnerability discovered in Chrome this year. The first vulnerability became known last weekend, specifically on April 14, 2023. Google also provided an emergency update for Chrome for this.

In March 2023, Google warned about vulnerabilities in Samsung modems. Some of these devices are intended to enable smartphones Hack just by phone number. Here you can read more about it.

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