December 10, 2023


Google Phone App – Verified Calls Available

the google mobile app Receives new jobs from time to time, or becomes one Jobs activated in this country that are already in the USA I was. Just like “verified calls”. These are now also available on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Phone App with Verified Calls

the Verified calls It has been available in the US since last fall. If activated, it displays the name of the caller, the company logo (if any), the reason for the call, and a confirmation code showing that Google has been authenticated. Authentication is done in a secure way, Google or Do not store any personal data after verification.

A year ago, it wasn’t clear if the feature would also come to Germany. But now it is there. How long Exactly which option is available in this country is not clear.

Activate verified calls

You open the Phone app and Settings there. Under Caller ID and Spam, there is now a new option Verified calls. After activation, you add your phone number to your Google account to be considered a Verified Connector. Adding it does not share the number publicly. To remove the number again, you open Your account and there personal settings.