July 13, 2024

Google Maps is now causing another Android Auto annoyance

Google Maps is now causing another Android Auto annoyance

This is a must for Google Maps and of course the only way for a navigation app to get its job done, whether on mobile or on Android Auto.

However, according to recent discussions in Google forums, Google Maps continues to insist on accessing location information even when it’s not running on Android Auto.

In theory, you should be allowed to run Android Auto on the main device without allowing Google Maps to access your location, especially if you don’t need the navigation functionality. This means that Android Auto should work properly even without Google Maps accessing your location data, although that’s not exactly the case at the moment, according to these users.

In their case, Google Maps will still insist on accessing the location even when Android Auto isn’t running, so users end up spamming permission notifications on their mobile devices.

Needless to say, having a phone that keeps getting notifications isn’t necessarily very convenient while driving, and some users warn that it has become too distracting in the car.

I deal with that every day. I just want to listen to music when I’m driving around town. You don’t need my side. My screen lights up literally every second which is a distraction while driving.single user explain.

However, at the time of writing, Google has not yet acknowledged the issue, and the bad news is that there is no known workaround. As it turns out, typical fixes that reinstall apps don’t make any difference, so your only option is to wait for a solution from Google.

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In the meantime, the only solution to avoid spam with notifications is to give Google Maps permanent access to your location.