March 3, 2024

Google is testing redesign of Play Store settings

Google is testing redesign of Play Store settings

According to AndroidPoliceGoogle conducts A / B tests on the Play Store. There is actually a small company that pays hamburger menu contents to the account changer. But Based on screenshots from Android PoliceGoogle is also working on the app’s settings page to make it easier to use. The new Settings page is divided into four submenus: General, User Controls, Family, and About.

All four can be expanded by clicking the down arrow next to each category. Of the four sections, the only new section is Family, which contains a new link to the parental control guide and the parental controls feature now found in user controls. There you will also find the family section of the hamburger menu. Well, most of the family-related entries will be moved to the new family area.

The bottom line is, as we mentioned above, the Cleaner Settings page is much easier to use. However, if you are calculating the number of clicks needed to reach your goal, you may need to calculate the number of additional clicks. However, once you get to the category you want, you can find the exact list faster. The group was able to save some time.

If you hope to see this test on your Android phone, you have a better chance of winning the lottery. We just don’t know to what extent Google It tests this, but it’s a server-side update which means you won’t be able to enable it. It all depends on Google’s whim. If the test does not live up to Google’s hopes, the update can of course be canceled completely and the daylight will never be reached.