April 23, 2024

Google is teasing its Pixel devices by dropping new features

The March release for Google's Pixel devices doesn't have any exciting new features, but there are some that are definitely useful. Pixel smartphone users benefit from an improved call screen function, which, among other things, detects if the caller remains silent at the beginning of the call and then presents them with a corresponding “Hello” slide via Google Assistant so they can answer. This new feature is initially only available in the USA.

Now you can record 10-bit HDR videos and share them directly as an Instagram Reel or publish Ultra HDR photos as an Instagram post. The Circle to Search function, which has already been introduced for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, will soon also be available on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

The first-generation Pixel Watch gets new exercise tracking options, including training pace and cardio zones as well as automatic play and pause during workouts as well as a completely redesigned workout interface. Mindfulness app Fitbit Relax now also works on the watch. Another innovation is public transportation information in Google Maps under Wear OS.

The entire Pixel lineup now enables sharing of individual apps instead of the entire screen with app screen sharing, easy and quick device pairing, and annotations in Google Docs using a pen or finger. (Yupi)

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