July 15, 2024

Google is investing  billion to build a data center in Hanau

Google is investing $1 billion to build a data center in Hanau

DrAmerican technology company Alphabetgoogle browser) is expanding its presence in Germany significantly. The main components of a €1 billion investment program are a data center in Hanau near Frankfurt, a new cloud infrastructure in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, and a contract with energy supplier Enge to acquire climate-neutral electricity in Germany starting next year.

“Germany has always been a very important country for Google, we opened our second office outside the US here 20 years ago,” Philip Justus, Head of Google Germany, from FAZ told Us in the Future.

The new facility, located in Marie-Curie-Strasse in Hanau, accommodates four floors and about ten thousand square meters of computing infrastructure where data from users of the company’s cloud services is processed. Google commissioned data center provider NDC-Garbe to build, and on Monday the official handover of the keys to the building complex was made.

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Google is increasingly building the cloud division as a revenue pillar along with the advertising business, which is still dominant, that relies on targeted ads in the search engine or on the YouTube video platform. Competition has increased in recent years, particularly among the major cloud service providers. In terms of turnover, Google is currently the third largest after Internet companies, and it is also American Amazon and Microsoft. But in the past few months, the group confirmed its claim to offset cooperation agreements with Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank and the email company Otto. In terms of staff, Google has long repositioned itself for this purpose in Germany and has successfully taken over managers with experience in business with corporate clients, such as former SAP Germany managing director Daniel Holz, now responsible for Google’s cloud business in Germany and Central Europe.

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