December 3, 2023

Google introduces Android 12L for foldable devices, tablets, and Chrome OS

Google introduces Android 12L for foldable devices, tablets, and Chrome OS

Android 12 generally introduced (for Pixel smartphones) It started last week This is usually the major OS release of the year. In 2021, Google will do something different and today announced “Android 12L” for foldable devices, tablets, and Chrome OS.

For the past few years, Google has had a developer preview (and later beta program), which opens at the beginning of the year and ends with the general fall release, while Android – since 2018 – has only made an annual leap (eg 9 -> 10). In recent weeks, Tags appeared that Google is planning a program Mid-cycle update for Android 12 This goes back to versions of .1 in 2016 and 2017.

This developer was created by Google Android Developer Summit 2021 Today with “Android 12L”. that’s cool “Low features make Android 12 better on the big screens” as it powers more than 250 million tablets, foldables and Chrome OS devices.

In the past 12 months alone, we’ve seen nearly 100 million new activations for Android tablets – a 20% year-over-year increase, while ChromeOS, the fastest growing desktop system, grew 92%. We’ve also seen an increase in foldable devices, with an annual growth rate of over 265%!

Android 12L user interface

The “drop featureThe language comes from the Pixel team and starts with the Android 12L user interface, which has been optimized for larger screens. This includes a two-column layout of the lock screen, where the time is displayed first and then the next notifications. Notification shade toggles left screen to change quick settings different ways Why does he live today? Depending on the screen size, the media player can appear at the top with a three-column layout.

In addition to the basic user interface, Google says that “system apps have also been improved.” Other changes that can be seen from images released today on screens above 600dp include:

  • main screen: Top of Google search box
  • Energy List: 3 x 2 with bug report and screenshot actions as well as emergency, shutdown, shutdown and restart
  • Settings app and setup wizard: Two columns with a menu in the left and right settings area
  • summary: The last app was shown at full screen while the other apps were shown at a quarter of the size

Multitasking with Android 12L

Android 12L’s next focus is “making multitasking more powerful and intuitive”. Big screens get a new taskbar that enables seamless switching of apps, while in split screen mode, you can drag and drop the app side by side.

To improve the split-screen mode in Android 12 and later, we help users by automatically enabling all apps to switch to split-screen mode, regardless of whether the apps are resizable or not.

Android 12L Multitasking

Android 12 for Compatibility

Compatibility is the latest support for Android 12L with “visual and stable improvements to give users a better letterbox experience and make apps look better” without any additional development work. However, it is recommended that developers test apps across multiple screen and window sizes.

We’ve made the mailbox layout easily customizable by hardware manufacturers who now assign custom mailbox colors or handles, adjust internal window positions, apply custom rounded corners, and much more.

There are new APIs that cover drag and drop for accessibility as well as spatial audio. This is all part of a new layer of APIs (31->32), but currently developers don’t need to target it to meet Play Store requirements.

We’ve made sure not to make any sudden changes to your apps so that the apps don’t target 12L to meet Google Play requirements.


Android 12L will launch “early next year” in the “next wave of Android 12 foldable and tablets”. Google is working with ‘OEM partners to bring these features to their big screen devices’, with Android 12L developer preview ‘soon’ Lenovo P12 Pro, a 12.6 inch (120 Hz) OLED tablet powered by Snapdragon 870 with 6 or 8 GB of RAM.

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Until then, Google will launch 12L Android Emulator Pictures Today for app developers to preview all changes. The focus is immediately on tablets, Chrome OS and foldable devices, but the 12L will be available for phones as well, and there will be an Android beta (around December). Available for Pixel devices.

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