May 23, 2024

Google I/O: the artificial intelligence of all Google services

Google I/O

From Gmail to search – Google is aligning all of its products with AI

Gmail, Photos, Drive, Search, Maps: Google wants to boost its offering across the board with artificial intelligence. The IT giant announced this at the I/O conference on Wednesday.


In addition to Maps, Gmail, and Photos, search should also be upgraded with AI.


  • Google I/O: This is the name of Google’s annual developer conference.

  • The start of the multi-day event was on Wednesday evening.

  • Google has focused on features related to artificial intelligence.

Google renews all products with new ones AI features. Gmail, Maps, and Photos: Several more services will be launched over the next few months. artificial intelligence It aims to help future users write emails, find paths, or edit photos more easily. IT giant Google revealed this yesterday at its I/O developer conference. “We will use artificial intelligence to significantly improve our products,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on stage.

This should be possible through an AI model called Palm 2. This will be available in different versions. The smallest model, called the Gecko, is said to work on a cell phone and even without the Internet. The Otter, Bison, and Unicon are the most powerful models. Palm 2 can also specialize in specialized knowledge, for example to solve problems in medicine or IT security.

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Cool Google: the highlights

Google half-heartedly introduced its chatbot Bard in Paris in February 2023. Meanwhile, the chatbot has learned a lot. While the tool was initially only available to select users, the group has now expanded its reach. A Google poet can now also program, as it was shown at I/O. In the future, the chatbot will also be able to take advantage of other sources, including Google Lens to recognize photos, maps, or papers.

Third-party tools will also be added. So you will be able to create images with Bard and Adobe. As is possible, for example, with Dall-E tools, Midjourney or others. Bard was not previously available in Switzerland. This is changing now. As of now, the chatbot should be available in 180 countries, Google says. Support for German and 39 other languages ​​will follow “soon”.

Fondue pizza? No problem for Google AI.


Google Docs is also set to receive several new AI functions. With a feature called Sidekick, it should be even easier to type in the future. In general, Google puts AI at the beginning of the process for all demos. You should be using it to generate ideas, images and such, in order to build on them afterwards. Google employees have confirmed many times that artificial intelligence is a partner.

Google search and artificial intelligence

Is sausage a sandwich? This is just one of many questions Google wants to answer directly in future search. On stage, the Google manager showed several functions that will be available “soon” directly in the Google search engine. Image search will also display more information about the images to better identify fake products. The features look interesting and useful. It’s not made clear where the ads, which Google is already showing, will go where the AI ​​results will appear in the future.

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A race for artificial intelligence

In recent months, developer OpenAI has caused a stir with its ChatGPT chatbot, which can form sentences like a human. With a multi-billion dollar deal with OpenAI, Google’s arch-rival Microsoft is putting the Internet conglomerate under pressure to make more of its AI developments available to the public. So far, Google has been reluctant to do so, citing responsible use of the technology. At the same time, Pichai emphasized that Google has been working with artificial intelligence for years.

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