Google Drive falls back, allowing over 5 million files again

Google backs down and allows more than five million files in Google Drive accounts again. Some paying Google Drive customers are suddenly no longer able to use cloud storage: they have exceeded the “maximum number of files (…) created by this account” was the sudden error message. Because the contract says nothing about that.

It is possible that the data company secretly introduced the restriction in mid-February to keep some heavy users away. With 5 million files it’s over, even if no one knows it. file limit applied regardless of amount of paid cloud storage; Consumers can reserve up to 30TB, and businesses can even rent unlimited storage.

With 5 million small text files, a few gigabytes will be enough – the paid storage will not be usable at all. In google bug tracker There are even reportsafter which deleting files did not help – Google Drive refused to create new folders or files.

Those affected initially thought it was a configuration error on Google’s part, but the company has confirmed that it placed the line deliberately. Seemingly an austere measure, but at the same time also a breach of contract. Because the limits are not detected. At the same time, Google offers software interfaces (APIs, Application Programming Interface) that invite companies to use Google Drive for automated storage-intensive operations. So it’s no wonder that millions of small files accumulate in some accounts.

Even if relatively few users were directly affected, the criticism swelled into law in early April. Monday Google pulled ripcordWe are reinventing change as we explore alternative approaches. So the group is now looking for another way to cut costs without letting the vast majority of users notice anything.

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Still in the works is the 400,000 file limit an account can share with third parties. However, this limit is not a secret, but it is publicly documented.

With an addition, Google wants to restore the destroyed trust: “If we have to make changes, we will notify users in advance.” Apparently, this is no longer normal in the cloud.


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