June 20, 2024

Google closes its mobile shopping app

Google closes its mobile shopping app

Google closes its mobile shopping apps for iOS and Android and directs users to the online shopping site instead. 9to5 Google Mentioned. Friday, Xda developer The term “sunset” was found added to several strings of code in the Shopping app, indicating that the apps have been discontinued.

A Google spokesman said 9to5 Google Requests will run until June. We will no longer support the shopping app for the next few weeks. The spokesperson said that all the functionality that the app provides to users is available in the “Shopping” tab. We will continue to build features in the Shopping tab and other Google interfaces, including the Google app. The einkaufen.google.com The page remains active.

With the app, users can choose from thousands of online stores and make purchases using their Google accounts. How to quickly shop in thousands of stores and buy things with your Google account. This user noticed that their Android app was working normally on Sunday, but some users were already seeing a “Something went wrong” message when trying to use the shopping app.

The Shopping Mobile app is Google’s latest product with Ax Reader (still getting bitter about it), Hangouts, and Plus. The list goes on.

We have contacted Google for more information and will update it as we learn more.