June 16, 2024

Neues Update - Google Chrome wirkt Sicherheitslücken entgegen

Google Chrome gets HTTPS mode

A new feature is currently being tested in Google Chrome that enforces HTTPS connections. The new function should be released soon.

The basics in brief

  • HTTP has always been an outdated and insecure standard on the Internet.
  • In future releases, Google Chrome wants to enable users to force HTTPS.
  • “HTTPS-Only-Mode” is currently being tested and will definitely start soon.

Anyone who surfs the internet regularly using web browsers will do so The abbreviations “HTTP” and “HTTPS” Opinion. At the beginning of each URL they show how the website in question is encoded.

By current standards, HTTP is now outdated and insecure. Therefore, Google now wants to rely more on HTTPS.

“HTTPS-Only-Mode” in Google Chrome

The new function was first discovered on the “9to5Google” blog, where you can also access the appropriate code Tagged in chrome. In the meantime, the feature has also been launched in individual Canary versions of Chrome. Here “HTTPS-Only-Mode” can be activated in the tags settings.

The feature will automatically relay links using the HTTP protocol to HTTPS whenever possible. If the website does not have an HTTPS version, a corresponding warning will be displayed. Then, users have the option to manually open the HTTP link anyway. Feature Weighted In the following versions of Chrome Officially starting in August or September.

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