April 22, 2024

Google: Chrome browser now runs 20 percent faster on macOS

Google: Chrome browser now runs 20 percent faster on macOS

In March, the Google search engine group announceChrome is the fastest browser macOS Actions. In the meantime, the developers have continued to work on the application’s performance. The browser should now run 20 percent faster.

Google announced in a tweet that the software’s speed has always played a key role since its introduction in 2008. In Apple’s own benchmark, Chrome for MacOS managed to score 360 ​​points and thus a new high score. Just three months ago 300 points were achieved. According to test results, Chrome build 102 runs 20 percent faster on macOS than the old Chrome version 99.

No further details were announced

However, along with the tweet, the developers have not posted a blog entry detailing the recent improvements that have been made. Therefore, it is unclear how the additional performance increase was achieved. Chrome 99 brought significantly better performance on macOS because the V8 sparkplug was improved and inline calls were shortened. In addition, the version contains technologies such as ThinLTO and a pass-through decoder. It remains to be seen if Google will release a statement on this later.

Chrome on Windows remains the most popular browser

Of course, Chrome browser not only works relatively well with macOS, but also on Windows, and therefore it can continue to enjoy great popularity. At the same time, Microsoft has also recognized this, so the Redmond-based company is now trying even more to advertise Edge as an attractive second browser. Or not newly Microsoft has equipped a preview copy with additional options for importing data.

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