October 1, 2023

Google Chrome - Version 91 schliesst bekannte Sicherheitslücken

Google Chrome 14 patches a vulnerability with a security update

Almost two weeks after the functionality update, the vulnerabilities in Google Chrome are now also closed. The update removes a total of 14 leaks.

The basics in brief

  • At the end of last month, Google Chrome was updated to the current version 91.
  • A security update now follows, which should remove a total of 14 holes.
  • Google itself is already warning that attacks via leaks may be imminent.

There is currently a new security update for Google Chrome, which is especially important. After job update to version 91 There are currently 14 critical vulnerabilities in the browser. There must already be malicious code exploiting the leaks.

Google Chrome is currently particularly vulnerable

Often only small bug fixes are installed with the security update in order to improve integration. Errors detected In the current version, however, it contains vulnerabilities in the Javascript application, according to “GoogleWatchBlog”. This allows attackers to import their own commands into the system.

With this version too, leaks have been discovered by various external sources, which Google rewards with a bounty. For single errors found, there are more than 22,000 Franken.

What desktop browser are you using?

After the update, other browsers should now have the extension Chromium engine, such as Microsoft Edge follow suit. So it is expected that updates of different browsers will continue to follow in the days.

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