May 21, 2024

Google cancels the date of the Pixel 6 phone

Google cancels the date of the Pixel 6 phone

Ouch, that backfired again. The date posted by Google Japan for the December update of Pixel 6 smartphones Maybe it was a mistake. There are now two very clear indications that we will have to keep waiting. On the one hand, there is the update Not on December 13 It emerged that the Japanese subsidiary had removed the exact date from its community post.

Google continues to flood Pixel 6 users

As of today, we only have the information that the update will be released sometime in December. Google still has just over two weeks left for this. “Later this month” is the only remaining official statement from the company. So Google still doesn’t give an exact date, but only so far Firmware name SQ1D.211205.016.A4.

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