June 17, 2024

Google can introduce these technological innovations today

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. The US technology group wants to catch up on the hype around ChatGPT and will introduce new AI applications in the evening.Photo: Cornerstone

Google will present its new products for the year on Wednesday night. In addition to advances in the development of artificial intelligence, new hardware can also be seen.

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Big tech companies give a product outlook at their annual developer conferences. At the same time, new strategies are being introduced. Tonight at 7pm (see below) Google wants you to start I/O developer conference Giving insight into new developments and upcoming technical topics for the group.

New Android?

The future of the most widely used smartphone operating system, Android, is a central theme. Here are expected to be final details about the platform.

The beta has been available since February, and as usual, the final version should be released in late summer, and not just for Google mobile devices.

New tools for artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will probably be one of the central topics at the developer conference. In recent months, developer OpenAI has made a splash with its ChatGPT chatbot, which can craft sentences like a human.

Google competitor Microsoft He pressures the internet company to make more of its AI developments publicly usable through a multi-billion dollar collaboration with OpenAI. So far, Google has been reluctant to do so, citing responsible use of the technology.

However, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google wanted to use artificial intelligence to change the display of results in its search engine. In particular, it should concern queries for which the link set as an answer is not very useful.

New hardware?

In addition, Google will be showcasing its first foldable mobile phone, as previously announced by the group. The American station CNBC reported in April that the Google smartphone called the Pixel Fold will have a 7.6-inch screen when it is unveiled.

It will be about the size of the competing Samsung Fold. When folded, you’ll be able to use the 5.8-inch screen on the outside.

The developer conference is on June 5th apple. The annual event is also an important opportunity for the technology group from Cupertino to give insight into its strategy. This year the company could show off its first virtual reality or augmented reality product.

Where can you see the keynote live?

The keynote should last about two hours. If you don’t want to miss them, you can click the bell icon in the video (above) to be notified at the right time.


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