Google bookmarks will be removed in September

With Google Bookmarks, another search engineer is ending this fall. There will be no alternative.

The basics in brief

  • Bookmarks today are nothing more than a leftover from the early years of Google.
  • So the bookmarking service will be officially discontinued in September.
  • Thus, Google Bookmarks joins a large group of pulp services.

The search engine giant Google is known, among other things, for quickly bringing ideas to life and quickly dropping them. after the end of Services like Google+ Or Hangouts, Google bookmarks are also now being crushed. A variety of content will be shown online via the plank at the end of September.

The end of Google bookmarks is late

The default bookmark list has been available on Google since 2005. By the way, it’s not about Browser bookmarksBut about Google’s own feature. In bookmarks, users can find cross-device content from a file Internet and save them from different apps.

This content can now be exported and saved elsewhere until September 30th. Most Google accounts should only select specific locations from Google Maps, as they have been synced so far. However, it will not be deleted and will remain available in Maps, as confirmed by Google.

On the first of October, the service Then the pulp for sure and the data It will be deleted. So Google Bookmarks has been around for at least 16 years.

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