June 20, 2024

Google announces it has the outrageous AI answers and promises improvement

After a series of outrageous responses went viral, Google announced that it would restrict source selection for its AI-powered search function. Better detection mechanisms have been created so that content from satirical and humorous sites is not taken into account in the “AI overview,” the American company explained in a blog post. Additionally, user-generated content, such as Reddit, should be evaluated less frequently. In cases where AI technology is of little help, it should be deactivated more quickly. The American company also confirmed that “strong guidelines” have been put in place for search queries on topics such as news and health. Overall, the AI’s answers, which were initially only available in the USA, are very accurate.


With this statement, Google is responding to screenshots of real and sometimes manipulated outputs of AI answers that have gone viral. It has been said, for example, that you should glue cheese to pizza or that it is healthy to eat at least one stone a day. Users also found search queries with the AI-generated answer stating that Batman is a police officer, that dogs play in American professional sports leagues, and that the second US president, John Adams, who died in 1826, graduated from college a total of 21 years old. Times between 1934 and 2003. According to Google, these are Google queries for which there are very few results, which is why satire sites or Reddit comments are rated. This has been improved.

While Google Research leader Liz Read now promises to continue the work He explains the background, but also emphasizes that the AI ​​results are as accurate as the text snippets that are sometimes displayed at the top of the results list. Because AI Overview works differently from other AI-powered text generators, it usually doesn’t invent anything (“hallucinations”) and errors have other causes. This can happen, for example, if search queries are “misunderstood.” With billions of search queries made every day, it’s normal to have “strange” or incorrect results. Violations of its own guidelines were found in only one out of seven million searches.

Reid also wants to take another fear into account when entering the blog. This ensures that the AI-generated answer can serve as a starting point for visiting the page where the key information comes from. These clicks are “higher quality,” meaning users will then stay on the pages longer because the search was more useful. In light of the answers generated by artificial intelligence, there are now concerns that a large portion of the traffic that Google delivers to news sites, for example, may disappear in the future. But there are no numbers on this and Reid did not mention any numbers either. But their explanations suggest that Google’s AI responses actually send fewer people to other sites overall.


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