Golf: Wiesberger is hot for the first time in the Ryder Cup

Burgenland, who, as one of twelve European players, wants to secure a Ryder Cup win, as in 2018, on the continent “remains. In comparison at Whistling Straits (Wisconsin) on the shores of Lake Michigan, which has been postponed for a year due to the pandemic, The defending champion team’s newcomer mingled with successful Ryder Cup players such as record man Sergio Garcia of Spain.The 41-year-old contributed 25 points for the European selection in nine entries.

The USA leads in the eternal stats for the competition, first held in 1927 as a comparison between Americans and Great Britain, with 26:14 wins, but Europe has had a better finish to itself in nine of the past twelve. Editions since 1995. Despite putting at least nine American players in the world rankings against the second-best European player – the leader is Spaniard John Ram – Wiesberger does not believe in established roles. European players are “a little bit closer” to each other than the Americans.

Professional golfer Wiesberger before the “Ryder Cup”

Bernd Weisberger is currently preparing extensively in his home country for the most important golf tournament of the year – the famous Ryder Cup. The Burgenlander is in great shape and feels ready.

In team competition in particular, factors other than rankings will come into play as well. “It sounds right and cute on paper, but the game is played on the pitch,” Weisberger explained, referring to the recent Solheim Women’s Cup, in which Pruitt’s favorite team from the United States would have received a proverbial ‘slap’.

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‘Festival mood’ as a challenge

Wiesberger has won eight European Tour Championships knowing that participation in the Ryder Cup is an important factor in a successful career. “It’s something I’ve been working on my whole career,” said the 35-year-old. After the strong showings of the past three weeks, the highlight comes just in time for him. With 20th place at Wentworth Golf Club in England, number one Austria bought the coveted ticket.

GEPA / Sipa USA / USA Today / Ian Rutherford

In 2018, the Europeans took back the coveted trophy from the Americans

Although Wiesberger knows the Lake Michigan shores of the 2015 PGA Championship, he has to adapt to new things in the Ryder Cup. “I realize that the situation on the first tee (tee, note) is going to be exceptional and unique every day. It will definitely be a more festive atmosphere than that of pure golf. In the end, you can just soak up everything. I just want to enjoy the situation and score points for the European team,” A native of Obervart confirmed.

Resolved in 28 matches

The Ryder Cup is decided in 28 matches in the match play format. Unlike the traditional counting game, it is not about the sum of all the hits in each round, but rather a point is awarded in a duel with the opponent(s) in each of the eighteen holes. The lower number of strokes is crucial. In the first two days, eight players from each team compete in “double matches” (four ball and fourball), followed by 12 singles matches on Sunday. Whether and with whom Wiesberger will be deployed on Friday and Saturday will only find out from Captain Padraig Harrington right away.

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