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Golden Dawn Minerals' drilling permit for Tam OShanter's copper and gold ownership, Greenwood BC, reached final stage

Golden Dawn Minerals’ drilling permit for Tam OShanter’s copper and gold ownership, Greenwood BC, reached final stage

IRW Press: Golden Dawn Minerals: Golden Dawn Minerals drilling permit for Tam OShanter’s copper and gold property, Greenwood BC, reached final stage

Vancouver, Canada, January 13, 2022 – Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. , (TSX-V: GOM | Frankfurt: 3G8C | OTC Pink: GDMRD), (Golden Dawn or Company), that its wholly owned subsidiary, Kettle River Resources Limited. Kettle River has reached the final stage of its drilling permit for the Tam OShanter property on the Greenwood Precious Metals project in southeastern British Columbia.

Map of concession for Tam O Shanter property, 2 miles west of Greenwood, British Columbia.

Kettle River recently received an application from the British Columbia Department of Energy, Minerals and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI) for a $20,000 security deposit for its Tam OShanter drilling permit. The company expects the drilling permit to be in effect as early as the 2022 season. Tam Ochanter’s multi-year permit in the region covers a total of 23 wells. Several holes can be drilled from each drilling site, allowing drilling of a minimum of 10,350 metres.

The Tam Ochanter estate consists of four mineralization zones, two of which are of particular importance: the dead forest zone and the Bengal zone. The inferred mineral resource estimate for the dead wood area was 874 000 tons at 0.66 grams of gold per ton (see Technical Report of the Preliminary Economic Study of P&E Mining Consultants, May 5, 2017, published on SEDAR).

The deadwood zone consists of a huge cut-and-silicate zone with three or more quartz veins. A total of 5 excavations targeting the dead forest area of ​​the property have been completed so far. Golden Dawn conducted two drilling campaigns in 2010 and 2011. The mineralization zone has been identified with a strike length of about 500 m and a depth of 400 m.

The Bengal region is a golden skin target consisting of a large area of ​​surface flooding of silicon, hydrothermal breccia and large-scale changes in Eocene sedimentary rocks. Only three holes were drilled to test the Bengal region in the past, and although the results for gold and silver were low, gold values ​​as high as 2 grams of gold per ton were encountered in ancient rocks in the East containing similar silicates and Chalcedonian veins.

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Other areas of interest include the Tam OShanter and Iva Lenore events which consist of pyrite and chalcopyrite scattered diorite mineralization and the adjacent greenstone Knob Hill.

Initial drilling was planned to test soil anomalies of gold and copper associated with intrusive diorite rocks and around historic pits in Bengal where a historical anomaly in susceptibility to IP charges was identified. Drilling is also planned to expand the extracted mineral resources along the strike and at depth and to test parallel areas. Further exploration work at the property level will be supported by the results of the VTEM airborne survey in 2021.

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