March 2, 2024

Auf Herbst - Release von Age of Empires 4 wurde von Microsoft fixiert

Gold status was only reached shortly before release

Fans have been waiting for the series to continue for a whole 16 years. After all: Age of Empires 4 release will not be shaken next Thursday.

The basics in brief

  • On Thursday, October 28, the new Age of Empires 4 will finally hit stores.
  • The strategy game from Relic Entertainment achieved a gold position.
  • With the title, the series was given a real sequel for the first time in 16 years.

Age of Empires 4 will be the next title soon From the popular strategy game series chest. Relic Entertainment is bringing the game to PC next Thursday, October 28 trade. Thanks to the achieved gold status, postponements are now practically impossible.

Go for Age of Empires 4

Fans can look forward to epic battles around the world in full 4K. promises Microsoft Familiar gameplay and a lot of tension Thanks to some innovation. For example, a whole series of new shortcuts that will make your gaming experience even easier.

With the new arrival, Relic offers eight unique civilizations, four complete campaigns, and different game modes. The address must be via Steam, Microsoft shop or X-Box Game Pass for PC ends up in the hands of fans. The game can be pre-ordered now. Optionally, there is also a Deluxe Digital Edition with several goodies.

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