June 21, 2024

Goet Behrami beats Erika Hess - and hopes for the big crystal ball dampen

Goet Behrami beats Erika Hess – and hopes for the big crystal ball dampen

Switzerland double win in the Val di Fassa: Goet Bahrami wins ahead of Sutter

Lara Gott Bahrami is currently unstoppable and also decides the second lineage in Val di Fasa for herself. And behind them, Corinne Sutter took second place with a double win for Switzerland.


There’s nowhere to wander around in Lara Gott Bahrami at the moment. A woman drives Ticino to the twin slopes of Val di Fassa in 24 hours, but she isn’t really hoping to win the World Cup as a whole.

Also in second slope on Saturday there was no grass against Lara Gott Bahrami. In a superior way, she leads to her 32nd World Cup victory, only her team-mate Corinne Suter can keep up to some extent. “Lara is definitely back strong again today, she did very well and lead brutally strong,” admitted Suter, who put the Swiss one-and-two perfect runners-up.

Gut-Behrami makes the difference from the rest of the competition, especially in the middle division. “It looked different, the snow was different. I managed to go a little deeper into the snow with skiing. And in the middle section I was able to drive much cleaner than yesterday, “he decomposes In an interview with “SRF”. At the bottom, on the other hand, I lost a lot of time in comparison.

“Others have nearly double the number of races.”

With the double-dip completed, the great Goet Behrami left Erika Hess behind in terms of World Cup victories, in the ranking ever, already ranked second in Switzerland behind Freene Schneider (55 wins). In addition, it is working to expand the overall leadership of the World Cup she took on Friday.

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However, the Ticino woman has no hope of winning the big crystal ball. “Well. If you look: I still have five races, and some have twice that number. From this point of view, I think it’s somewhat unrealistic,” she said when asked. However, the focus is not on things like this when you are in the beginning.

The most important thing for the 29-year-old is to regain the fun of skiing. “We are everything except what is new for the time being. But when I drive, I recover a lot. I feel free and relaxed, it’s so much fun. “