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Many vloggers record their posts with a smartphone instead of a digital camera, since today’s smartphones usually have higher quality cameras, video functions and are easier to use. In addition, a high-quality microphone, video lamp and table tripod are required. Accessory supplier Godox offers three versions of the VK1 vlogging suite for smartphone video bloggers: VK1-UC for smartphones with a USB-C connection, VK1-LT for smartphones with a Lightning connection and VK1-AX for smartphones with a 3.5 mm plug .

The basis of the kits is a frame mount with two handles and a mount for smartphones with a size of 2.3 to 3.5 inches. This means that one-handed or one-handed recordings are possible. There are three cold shoe mounts on one side of the frame, and six 1/4″ threads integrated throughout for attaching accessories.

The kits also include a VD directional microphone, which is operated by the smartphone and said to enable studio-quality audio recording. The Litemon LED6R with optional diffuser, which provides 36,000 colors and selectable effects such as fireworks, campfire and more, ensures uniform illumination.

If necessary, this can also be done on the frame The MT01 rubber coated tripod can be installed in the VK1 kit to set up the frame in portrait or landscape mode. When folded, the tripod can easily be used as a handle.

The VK1-UC and VK1-LT each cost 180 euros, and the VK1-AX 160 euros. For more information, see Godox site.

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