December 3, 2023

Go to Canada!  Kate and Emily leave Berlin because of open paternity lie ·

Go to Canada! Kate and Emily leave Berlin because of open paternity lie ·

This week there will be the unveiling of Wiedmann’s big house in ‘Good Times, Bad Times’. As a result, Emily and Kate left the neighborhood and set off for Canada. Warning, spoilers will follow!

You have a long time Emily And tuner With the help of strict agreement Kate The secret of keeping her father. In a stray moment, Tuner accidentally exposes a paternity lie, and confronts Kate with a fait accompli:

This is how Emily reacts to Toner’s killer emotional confession

Soon after the unwanted revelation, Emily is upset at Tuner’s door and wants to check out Kate. You can already find out what lecture tuners you have to stream on TVNOW Premium. But Emily is fortunate that Kate listens carefully to her mother and eventually realizes that her parents’ reticence had good reason. However, she inquires whether Pee He traveled to Canada because he learned of the paternity of a tuner. Emily immediately denies it, but realizes how stressful the situation is for Kate. The businesswoman makes a decision because she does not want to give her daughter any reason to suspect the mixed family.

Few stars a day have already made the decision to go to new shores. You can find out what they are and what the result is in the video: News – Who will be the next James Bond?

Canada instead of Berlin

So that Kate can be with Paul and see for herself that her stepfather is fine, Emily decides to travel to Canada with her daughter, where Paul is currently working on a private job as a craftsman. Tuner also appears to agree with the plan and hopes things will calm down after his return and that Kate can build a good relationship with him as a father.

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You can find out if this is really the case and when Emily and Kate will be back in our neighborhood GZSZ . Preview Or in the coming weeks, always Monday through Friday 7:40 p.m. on RTL.

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