December 7, 2023

GM is serious about the freight network

GM is serious about the freight network

General Motors wants to build about 40,000 new charging points for e-cars in the USA and Canada. Photo: GM

General Motors, in cooperation with its private dealers, has announced plans to create about 40,000 charging points for electric vehicles in the USA. This initiative is part of GM’s stated strategy to invest approximately $750 million in the Ultium Charge 360 ‚Äč‚Äčecosystem. It should start in 2022.

by Agent Community Shipping Program The automaker would like to work with dealers to jointly set up charging stations in its collection areas, which should also be open to other OEM customers. Among other things, chargers should be installed in workplaces, apartment complexes, universities, or sports facilities.

GM provides each dealership with up to ten charging stations that can be rolled out in their own environment. The measure could reach a large number of US citizens who currently do not have access to charging infrastructure – especially in rural areas. According to General Motors, nearly 90 percent of the population lives within ten miles of its dealership.

There is a lot of catching up in terms of infrastructure expansion

General Motors’ plan to expand its charging infrastructure in the United States and Canada is a much-needed step for the world’s second and third largest countries by area. According to Roland Berger’s analysis from December 2020, there are only 0.5 charging points per 100 km of the road network in the USA, and in Canada there are only 0.6 charging devices.

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In the international comparison, the two countries lag far behind countries like France (1.5), Japan (1.8) and Germany (2.2). On the other hand, the leaders in expanding charging stations along their road network are China with 6.1 charging points per 100 km, the Netherlands with 10.6 and South Korea with an impressive 15.2 charging points per 100 km. .