Globe Soccer Semi-Final – Berne Final: Weller-Ersign and Koniz in the Super Final – Sport

Globe Qualifiers Semi-Finals – Berne Final: Weller-Ersign and Koniz advance to the Super Final – Sport – SRF

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Wiler-Ersigen and Köniz won the seventh game of the semi-finals of their series and will go into the final next Saturday.

  • Kuniz and Weller Ersign qualified for the Super Final in Groundball.
  • Weller-Ersign wins at home 6:3 over defending champions JC – Koniz beats Reichenberg Winterthur 3:2 at home.
  • The final will be held next Saturday.

From the point of view of Wiler-Ersigen, revenge for last year’s Super Final loss was successful: the Bernese team won 6: 3 in the decisive match. The final third in particular provided plenty of action: after the Grasshoppers came from behind by 2 goals within 5 minutes, the “Green-Whites” were able to strike back and regain their old lead within a few minutes. Wiler-Ersigen set the final point with an Empty Netter to make it 6:3.

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Koniz shudders, but he is in the final

Koniz makes Bern’s final finish perfect: Konizers win 3:2 against Reichenberg Winterthur. Winterthur made things exciting again in the third period: two minutes before the end, Eulachstadt pulled one back with the last goal of the match. But Koniz did not let the victory fall, and after a series of tough fights he reached the final.

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