June 23, 2024

GitHub admits wrongful dismissal of Jewish employee who warned colleagues to 'stay safe' from Nazis amidst Capitol riots

GitHub admits wrongful dismissal of Jewish employee who warned colleagues to ‘stay safe’ from Nazis amidst Capitol riots

GitHub apologized and offered a former employee his job on Sunday, after an investigation revealed “serious errors in judgment and procedures” after the man, who is Jewish, was fired, warning his colleagues to warn the Nazis on the day of the Capitol riot.

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He also mentioned that its head of human resources has resigned.

The employee was not named It was launched on January 8th, Two days after he sent a message to colleagues in Washington, D.C. on Slack’s home channel: “Keep comrades safe, the Nazis are here.” Another employee reportedly committed an offense and complained to HR

Among the far-right factions that participated in the riots that took place on January 6 in the Capitol building, which left five people dead, white supremacists who publicly raised Nazi shirts and banners.

The shooting caused an uproar, both on GitHub and online. In a blog post Erica Brescia, COO at GitHub, said on Sunday that the company opened an external investigation into the matter last week, which found the shooting was a mistake.

She wrote, “In light of these results, we immediately retracted the decision to separate from the employee and contacted his representative.” “To the employee, we would like to say publicly: We sincerely apologize.”

Brescia said the company’s head of human resources, who was not named, “has taken personal responsibility and has resigned.” Carrie Olesen served as the head of human resources at GitHub.

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Brescia added that “employees are free to express their concerns about Nazism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy or any other form of discrimination or harassment in internal discussions.”