June 22, 2024

Giant tortoise halts train journey in England

Giant tortoise halts train journey in England

Delays caused by animals on the tracks are not uncommon for train drivers – but that’s what commuters in Great Britain saw on Monday. Train services between Norwich city and Stansted Airport near London were disrupted for more than an hour due to a “giant turtle”, Greater Anglia Railways wrote on the messaging service Twitter.

“She’s alive, but injured,” tweeted passenger Diane Akers, posting a picture of the animal, whose shell was visibly injured. When the “animals on the trail” announcement came, she looked out the window, Akers wrote. “I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Another train passenger, Lydia Jane White, tweeted: “Train delayed due to giant tortoise stuck on tracks too heavy to lift – never thought I’d hear this from a train driver! He said the tortoise had escaped from a wildlife center in South East England.

A railway account manager named Georgie later wrote to say that the injured turtle had been taken to a specialist and was being dragged away.

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