Giant bird “Rodney” escapes – police action

A pet emu is keeping its owner and UK police on their toes. He jumped a fence and then went on a day tour of the area.

When his owner went on vacation, “Rodney” went on a little trip. As the BBC reports, the escaped emu led to a police operation in the British region of Suffolk. Without further ado, the big bird jumped over the garden fence and flew through the area. Much to the dismay of his owner, John Carty, he adopted him as a cub and raised him in the kitchen. Today she fondly calls “Rodney” her “pet dinosaur.”

Cardi was concerned more than anything because he was afraid that people might mistreat the bird. Because although “Rodney” is very friendly, he is also very big and curious, with a big beak. “Rodney is attracted to anything shiny, like rings and earrings, and I was worried that someone would be a bit scared of him speeding,” Cardi told the BBC.

“That’s not a turkey – that’s my little Rodney”

He suspected that his pet had been slightly disturbed by the night’s storm and had therefore taken to his heels. Although he had jumped the fence once before, he always stayed close. Because he can cover long distances quickly, Cardi also called the police, then took to social media to search for reports of sightings. And so the “Pet Dinosaur” journey ended for good.

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